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How it began...

Bram was born and bred in Brugge and helped restore some of the most remarkable buildings in the city. He even installed the ‘windhaan’ on the brick tower of the Church of Our Lady, which happens to be the tallest of its kind in Europe. Today he works as a docker in Zeebrugge, a seaside resort and harbor next to Bruges. He knows everything about the hidden nightlife in the city and can tell you exactly why Belgian beers are the best.


Sophie moved to Bruges 20 years ago, travelled the world and wrote about it in several Belgian magazines. When she settled down, she kept on writing travel stories and published several travel guides about Bruges. Today she writes and styles for interior, lifestyle, and food magazines. She knows everything about Bruges' hidden gems and can tell you exactly why Belgian chocolate is the best.


Together we bought an old house and rebuilt it completely. He did most of the work; she told him what to do. By the time the fireplace in the garden was finished, we looked around, decided our work was done. 3 kings, a holiday house in Bruges, was born. A few years later, we did it all over again and started 3 queens. The colourful sister of 3 kings and our newest holiday ho


We hope our homes will become your home away from home in Bruges. Welcome!


Bram & Sophie

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